Oviparous Collectables

Definition of oviparous

Producing eggs that develop and hatch outside the maternal body also : involving the production of such eggs




An object that is collected by fanciers especially : one other than such traditionally collectable items as art, stamps, coins, and antiques (and now NFTs)

The meaning behind our name

Now that you have the meaning behind our name, let us explain what you can expect.

We are the first NFT project to come to market with a 10 year plan, offering a series of NFTs that follow and grow with you.

Every 4-6 weeks, we aim to launch a new series of NFTs.

All of our series over the next 10 years will start with an EGG.

Solving at the same time the century old question. Which came first?

10 Unique Characters

Thousands of possibilities!

NFTs for all

Follow our eggs as they hatch, grow, mature and go through life. Collect the whole series, from egg to fully matured creature or animal.

Collect the whole series!


Currently we have 10 base characters. These little guys get up to all kinds and who knows what will come next?

They might even have plans for world domination!


Our first series of NFTs are now ready for viewing.

What’s in the egg?

What is going to hatch?

Follow, join and share our journey with us.


*At the time of creating this, we are still waiting for the xls20D update. Release date imminent.


Each one of our series of NFTs will consist of 10,000 unique and different characters.

Every series of NFTs will have it’s own assigned tokens.

This will make it easier for collectors to get hold of the whole series.


There will be NO AIRDROP, instead, we believe everybody should own their own NFT.

Its not about the money


With knowledge gained from studying other NFT projects we have come up with our own amazing NFT project.

Most projects have tens of thousands of Trustlines set, yet only a handful of real investors.

Our solution; Make NFTs affordable for everyone to own.

Instead of handing out airdrops to hundreds of people, we have made it affordable to own your very own NFT

Inflation Proof

We are so confident in the price of XRP that we are now already listing our tokens at 10 XRP each. Yes, that’s right, it is not a mistake, that is 10 (ten) XRP each.

That means, you can own your own NFT for just 10 XRP

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    How does it work?


    We are a team of multi-skilled proffesionals who each adds their unique skill to making this a succesfull project.

    This means we can keep our over heads as low as possible and pass the savings on to you, our reason for being in business.

    Token Listings

    Every 4-6 weeks we will be releasing 10,000 tokens and NFTs.

    All tokens will be listed at a starting price of 10 XRP.

    Higher prices will be filled first

    10 Years?

    Yes, really. For the next 10 years we will be releasing a brand new range of NFTs every 4-6 weeks that follow up on the previous series.

    For example, they will grow from and egg, to hatchling to … who knows?


    Road Map

    Phase 1

    Design and development of our 10 Base characters ✔ 

    Design and setup website ✔ 

    Create tokens and blackhole account ✔ 

    KYCed ✔ 

    Create Social Media Account ✔ 

    Phase 2

    Marketing and Promotion (in progress)

    Trustline available ✔ 




    Phase 3

    We go minting.

    Once the XLS20D update is complete we will be able to go straight to minting.



    Why Eggs?

    Eggs are symbolic the start of a new life, so is this project the beginning of a 10 year journey. Eggs are versatile and who knows what might hatch?

    Why is there NO AIRDROP?

    We have been studying a lot of projects over the last few months and can find no real reason to give up to 50% of our project away to mostly people who ultimately just end up destroying the project by dumping the tokens at ridiculously low prices. This destroys investors confidence, which leads to the failure of many projects. 

    No Presale!

    There will be no pre-sale. Instead we believe that everyone should be able to own their own NFT. Normally it will cost 2XRP just to set a trustline and then only receive a tiny amount in return. Our set price of 10XRP makes it affordable for everyone to own their own Oviparous Collection NFT.

    10 Year Plan

    Yes, we do indeed have a 10 year plan. Every 4-6 weeks we will be releasing the next series of the ever evolving Oviparous collection. The very first series with 10 base characters is now ready

    What happens when the tokens are not sold out

    Nothing. The tokens will stay there until the entire collection has been minted. No investor is at risk, as there will be no FREE airdrops.

    I have more questions!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Twitter page or send an email to info@oviparouscollectables.com